Bath Rules

When The Quest Comes To The Hamam First İs Met On The Hall.

Employee Staff Will Shows The Guest His / Her Room.

Employee Staff Gives To Guest The Loincloths And Slippers.

Guest Comes To Hall After Locking The Room Wearing A Loincloth And Tied, Put On Slippers İn The Room.

Masseur Which Will Give The Service To The Service To The Client And Takes Guests To The Sauna Prepares İn 10 Minutes, And Prepares For Rubbing The Skin On The Heated Marble İn 20 Minutes.

After The Guest Lie Down The Heated Marble Stone, Masseur Rubbing The Guest Body Then Purified Whole Body From Dirty Water (10 Min.).

Guest Will Lie On The Stone Again Staff Made Foam Massage (15 Min.).

Guests Sit At The Head Of The Basin After The Massage Process And Clear Off Foam With Water.

Staff Changed The Loincloth With Dry Towel Of Guest Whom Then Taken To Warm Section.

Guest Refreshments Made After The Bath With Towel Sheets By Staff And Guest Sits İn The Divan On The Hall And Staff Offers Beverage To The Guest.

After Beverage Catering İf Guest Buys Aromatherapy Oils Massage, Foot Massage, And Mask And Goes Up Room Which İs Upstairs And Continue To The Therapy Massage.

If Guest Does Not Buy Any Massage Goes Room And Change His / Her Cloths.

Guest Will Pay The Fee Before Leaving The Hamam.