Bath Rules


Our Rules for the traditional hammam experience


When a guest come to the bath , he/she is welcomed at the entrance
and informed about the packages.


Guest pays the package which he/she choose to the payment point and only cash is accepted . Credit card or debit card aren’t accepted.


Guests are taken to the dressing rooms by the staff who is in charge . In these rooms guests change their clothes and put their stuff . Guest lock their rooms and keep their keys through bath time.


Guests wear the towel and slipper which are assigned to them (women wear the towel over their chest and men wear it over their waist).


Guests will lie on the warm marble stone in the center of 40.50 centigrade with a hot section for 20.30 minutes, this process will help the body relax and the toxins will be removed. After the time you spend on the marble, the relevant staff will take you to the sauna.


After the time that you pass in the hot stone and sauna , proffesional staff come and begin to make scrubbing and after foam massage which are done to the whole body . (Services are done to women to women men to men).


After finishing the bath , guests will change their towels which are special for them and wear new fresh ones . And guests enter the lobby area where they drink organic teas (contain no alcohol) and have a rest.


If guests buy extra masssages , after having rest , Oil massages are done by the staff through the time guests buy.

Are you ready to relax?