Historical Vezneciler Turkish Bath is located in the district of Fatih, on Bozdogan Kemeri Road. Ottoman Ruler Sultan Beyazid II had it built in the year 1481. Being the first and only Bath built in the second floor, Vezneciler Turkish Bath is unique both in the world and Turkiye. The curative water that heals the illness of jaundice is one another feature of this bath.

This bath which hosted many important statesmen and pashas was renovated in 1950 by rebuilding the section of changing rooms out of reinforced concrete. Although Evliya Celebi mentioned Vezneciler Bath being a “double bath” (seperate entrances for both sexes), this feature of the bath cannot be seen today. Vezneciler Turkish Bath is still in service today is a private property.

II. Sultan Bâyezîd Veli
II. Sultan Bâyezîd Veli- 1447 - 1512
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